Wednesday, 27 January 2021


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1. Can be washed in a dishwasher; no Pb/Cd washout.
2. Microwave safe.
3. Makes clear metallic sound.
4. Transparent in thin layers.


5. Chemically inactive with acids and alkali – therefore with all food products.

6. 0% porosity protects from dirt and bacteria.

7. The highest 5th grade of wash easiness – stain and oil can be removed with hot tap water; easy to wash off the fat, gravy, soup and vegetable or fruit juices.

8. Extremely resistant to thermal shock up to 1200ºC

9. Deep freezing and long-term storage to -30ºC

10. Efficient in keeping food and beverage hot

11. Our glaze is the hardest available in the world, offering the best resistance to cutlery scratches on product surface

12. Long-lasting product life

13. Withstands the pressure of more than 100 stacked plates